Windows version update   by admin   May 2, 2011

A good news: a update for Windows, JetPhoto Studio version 4.10.1 has been available for downloading now!

The new design of Flash and web galleries has been brought into the latest update of JetPhoto Studio for Windows. The galleries are all redesigned as same as that in JetPhoto Studio version 5 for Mac, also supports panorama display, full-screen...

100% New Design - Flash Gallery Demo

v4.10.1 contains many enhancements and bug fixes. If you use raw files to store your photographs, the new version is highly recommended. We updated the raw files support engine in this version. Example, you may find the v4.9.5 doesn't work properly with the CR2 files captured by Canon EOS 60D, but now no problem in v4.10.1 .

go to the download page

JetPhoto Studio 5 final release   by admin   Apr 12, 2011
Today, the Final version of JetPhoto Studio 5 is released. Please download JetPhoto Studio for Mac version 5.1 now!

The updated user's manual can be found here .
JetPhoto Studio 5, Ready... go!   by admin   Feb 18, 2011

Not Jet Photos Only, Now Rock with Videos and Panoramas as well!

DEMO galleries by JetPhoto Studio 5
100% New - Flash Gallery
Enhanced - Lightbox Gallery
Enhanced - Enhanced Google Map Gallery


BETA version download
JetPhoto Studio for Mac v5.0BETA
(Windows version coming later)
The registration number for JetPhoto Studio 4 Pro is still valid to activate JetPhoto Studio 5 Pro.


What's new in JetPhoto Studio version 5?

- New support for video clip files, quick browsing, trimming, merging video clips and easy converting h.264 videos for web players on iPad/iPhone or Flash-enabled web browsers.

- Complete support to iPhone's GPS-enabled camera, accepts GPS metadata while importing MOV video files captured by iPhone 4.

- New support for panorama files stitched or captured by SONY sweep camera.

- New support for stereo MPO files captured by FUJIFILM 3D or SONY sweep camera.

- New Flash gallery maker that was redesigned, allows generating the Flash gallery in any customized dimension or show hi-resolution images in a full-screen view. New Flash gallery enables presenting videos and panoramas as well as photos.

- Enhanced Lightbox, Cover Flow and Google Map web galleries enable presenting videos and panoramas as well as photos.

- An extra URL link can be set for any photo or video items managed in albums. After generating a Flash or Lightbox, Cover Flow, Google Map gallery, it will show a highlighted arrow button that click to open a specified web page related to the photo or video item.

- Enhanced slideshow mode enables browsing photos and videos in dual screens, the second display can be used as a 'light box' to present photos or play videos in a full-screen, but select items in the main display at the same time.

- Enhanced user interface, enables large thumbnails to preview photo items in 256 x 256 pixels

- The photo and video files can be moved into the album or transferred between different albums (hold Command key while dragging file icons or thumbnails).

-Updated mobile device list, includes more smart phone models

- Improved the program to import files from digital camera, a capture date filter is added.

- Improved the assistance with voice-over

Printable user's manual   by admin   Nov 20, 2010

A new PDF version of JetPhoto Studio v4.9.5 User's manual is available for downloading now. Thanks so much for the support and helps by Daniel Ford who edited and contributed the printable document. ( download )

Website and Blog Changes   by admin   Sep 24, 2010

Dear JetPhoto users,

We have changed our website ( hosting since Sep 22, 2010. All of the website was moved to a new server. And also updated our developer's blog pages. Now new blog uses JetPhoto Server Pro to replace the old wordpress pages. Due to the changes on the website, your existing rss subscription to our old blog may be broken. And please add a new feed to our new blog pages in your rss reader.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the website changes. And we should spend more efforts upon supporting all JetPhoto users with this new site.

Best wishes to you all,


Make simple map galleries with JetPhoto Studio 4.9.5   by admin   Sep 24, 2010

Here is a live demo of the embeded simple Google Map Gallery


Now your can download JetPhoto Studio version 4.9.5 beta (both Mac OS X version and Windows version) to make that.

In JetPhoto Studio version 4.9.5, addded a new option for making simple Google Map Galleries.

You should notice the new option "Show simple map without filmstrip (faster loading)" in the dialogbox when you are ready to generate the google map gallery. If you enabled this option, the filmstrip will not appear in the google map gallery page.


Left: a standard Google Map Gallery with the filmstrip. Right: a simple Google Map Gallery without a filmstrip.

Using the simple Google Map Gallery, no filmstip shown, it will be flexible to place the map gallery widget on any web pages in any different layouts. You must find the convenience if you are a web designer using this feature to create your pages embedded with map galleries.

Maked the map gallery that doesn't contain a filmstrip to navigate photos. But you can still easily switch photo spots on the map with a dropdown menu instead.

And another benefit obtained due to the simple map gallery is the web page loading will be speeded up. Beacuse no thumbnail image on the filmstrip is needed to load while initializing the map gallery, so the web page will be light and be loaded faster.

Open KMZ in Google Earth, no image shown in balloons   by admin   Sep 16, 2010

Thanks users who reported this problem. Uses Google Earth or later versions to open the KMZ files generated by JetPhoto Studio on Windows. When need click the placemark icon to show the photo in a balloon, no image is there except a white box shown in the balloon. But all works perfectly to open the same KMZ files with older Google Earth versions on Windows and all versions on Mac OS X.

So far, we judge the problem is a bug in Google Earth. We are also tracking the bug fixing discussed on Google Earth’s online forum. Meanwhile, we suggest you should use an early Google Earth version instead to open your KMZ files.

You can download Google Earth v5.1.3535 from .

Bug fixes and improvement in JetPhoto Studio version 4.9.2   by admin   Sep 4, 2010

Now download JetPhoto Studio v4.9.2 , some important bug fixes and improvement cover issues below:

  • White balance of the camera raw files *

bw-auto.jpg bw-camera.jpg
v4.9 (left) - always ignores camera white balance setting
v4.9.2 (right) - uses camera white balance, if found it in the raw file

  • EXIF/IPTC metadata reading of the camera raw files
  • Lossless image rotating
  • GPS tracks importing
  • Version 4.9.2 added the support for phototrackr .gps file format

(the item with * is for both Mac and Windows version, others are for Windows version only)

Enhanced geotagging in JetPhoto Studio 4.9   by admin   Aug 12, 2010


Latest Version Downloads:

Set the style of tracks and icons shown in Google Earth and Google Maps

JetPhoto Studio enables to link photos to Google Earth and Google Maps, also allows show GPS tracks on them.


In the dialog box to link photos on Google Earth, users can click button “Style…” to show a box to offer more options for setting the color, width and opacity of the track lines appear in Google Earth, also allow to set the photo marker as a camera icon or a small square icon ( same as Panoramio ).


In the dialog box to generate Google Map web galleries, users also can click button “Style…” to set the appearance style of track lines shown in Google Maps.


Set the parameters to import GPS tracks and locate photos

More parameters can be specified by users selves to import GPS tracks or locate photos with the tracks.
Two “Parameters…” menu commands can be found in GPS Logs window.




Unset photo locations in batches

This feature may be coming later, but it’s really available now :-)

If want to delete location tags (latitude, longitude, elevation and heading) in photo’s metadata, the user can edit the info list in the side panel of the album window, and clear the data fields one by one. Now a more efficient way is offered, just select photo thumbnails in the album window, and select menu command “GPS & Geotag” -> “Unset Photo Locations…”. GPS location metadata will be all removed from these selected photos in the batch mode.


Enhanced map view in JetPhoto Studio 4.8   by admin   Jun 11, 2010

In JetPhoto Studio version 4.8, you should find a new button dzm_button.jpg added in the map view. The new tool allows users to zoom the map by dragging the mouse, and also can select photos in a given rectangle area on the map.


[step 1] Click the dzm_button.jpg button, then you can drag on the map to draw a rectangle with red lines to mark the area where you would like to zoom.


[step 2] JetPhoto Studio will zoom the map as long as released the mouse button after dragging.


[step 3] At the same time, the photos in the selected rectangle will be highlighted. Then you can select “Thumbnail” view in the album window, where JetPhoto Studio has highlighted the matched photo thumbnails.

In this way, JetPhoto Studio provides a new efficient way to quickly pick photos that were geotagged in a given location on the map.

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