Windows version update   by admin   May 2, 2011

A good news: a update for Windows, JetPhoto Studio version 4.10.1 has been available for downloading now!

The new design of Flash and web galleries has been brought into the latest update of JetPhoto Studio for Windows. The galleries are all redesigned as same as that in JetPhoto Studio version 5 for Mac, also supports panorama display, full-screen...

100% New Design - Flash Gallery Demo

v4.10.1 contains many enhancements and bug fixes. If you use raw files to store your photographs, the new version is highly recommended. We updated the raw files support engine in this version. Example, you may find the v4.9.5 doesn't work properly with the CR2 files captured by Canon EOS 60D, but now no problem in v4.10.1 .

go to the download page

Bug fixes and improvement in JetPhoto Studio version 4.9.2   by admin   Sep 4, 2010

Now download JetPhoto Studio v4.9.2 , some important bug fixes and improvement cover issues below:

  • White balance of the camera raw files *

bw-auto.jpg bw-camera.jpg
v4.9 (left) - always ignores camera white balance setting
v4.9.2 (right) - uses camera white balance, if found it in the raw file

  • EXIF/IPTC metadata reading of the camera raw files
  • Lossless image rotating
  • GPS tracks importing
  • Version 4.9.2 added the support for phototrackr .gps file format

(the item with * is for both Mac and Windows version, others are for Windows version only)

Error 50 raised while using WebSync   by admin   Jun 11, 2010

If you use the combination of a JetPhoto Studio on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and a JetPhoto Server Pro 2.x, it’s possible to catch an error while using WebSync to upload your albums to the web server. The error message says:

An error occurred while calling put_album_datalist on JetPhoto Server.
Error Code: 50

On Snow Leopard, the program isn’t able to ignore the null characters in your photo keywords and other metadata fields, this is the reason caused the error. Now you could download a update to fix the bug, please get a JetPhoto Studio v4.8.2 here .

Snow Leopard compatibility testing   by admin   Aug 28, 2009

August 28, 2009

Apple released their new operation system, Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard) today. We have tested JetPhoto Studio 4.5.2 for Mac with the latest beta version of Snow Leopard. The almost all features work properly on Snow Leopard, but also found some compatibility issues, for example: When using WebSync, an error occurred while calling put_album_datalist on JetPhoto Server (Error Code: 30).

The compatibility problems will be fixed in the next coming version 4.6. Before that, we need your helps also, please report your testing results if you find any problem while using JetPhoto Studio v4.5 on your Snow Leopard.

JetPhoto Mac application crashing while geotagging   by admin   Jul 3, 2009

In the recent weeks, we often get some feedback to report a problem of the JetPhoto Studio Mac application crashing while geotagging (locating photos with GPS tracks automatically). Now we have found this problem is caused due to a WebKit runtime error. The WebKit handles the google map view embedded in JetPhoto Studio.

Is your Safari version 4? Now we suggest you can still use a stable version 3 instead, or you need download a new JetPhoto Studio version 4.5.1 to fix this Safari 4 compatibility issue.

WebKit is the foundation of Safari, you updated your Safari, the WebKit will also be updated. The present version of JetPhoto Studio should work properly with Safari 3, but did find the application crashing with Safari 4.

If you now use Safari 4 on your Mac, please download a JetPhoto Studio version 4.5.1 .

JetPhoto Server 1.2 update   by admin   Aug 10, 2007
Actually, we haven’t updated JetPhoto Server†since early last year. So just made a new version 1.2 that improves some functionalities, and now you can install JetPhoto Server on any PHP5 server using default configuration easily.

What’s new in JetPhoto Server version 1.2 ?

- Optimized the supports for PHP5, register_long_arrays setting is not required.
- Updated Flash and other templates.
- Updated Google Maps integration.
- Fixed some bugs.

Also, important, now we did decide to†develop a new major version of JetPhoto Server as soon as possible.

Fixed A Website Manager Bug   by admin   Mar 21, 2007

Bug specific:
The software hangs when connecting to a server to manage it with Website Manager in JetPhoto Studio 3.5.1 or earlier versions.

Just fixed this bug, please download a new updated version

This problem was caused by a compatibility problem of a windows socket DLL that is provided by Microsoft, we added a patch in this new installation package.

Fixed A Time Zone Problem   by admin   Mar 18, 2007

A New Zealand user reported a bug, said, the time zone GMT+13:00 is not listed to be selected when matching photos with GPS tracks. GMT + 13 hours is the daylight saving time of New Zealand. Now just fixed this bug, added a daylight option for each time zone.

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