Open KMZ in Google Earth, no image shown in balloons   by admin   Sep 16, 2010

Thanks users who reported this problem. Uses Google Earth or later versions to open the KMZ files generated by JetPhoto Studio on Windows. When need click the placemark icon to show the photo in a balloon, no image is there except a white box shown in the balloon. But all works perfectly to open the same KMZ files with older Google Earth versions on Windows and all versions on Mac OS X.

So far, we judge the problem is a bug in Google Earth. We are also tracking the bug fixing discussed on Google Earth’s online forum. Meanwhile, we suggest you should use an early Google Earth version instead to open your KMZ files.

You can download Google Earth v5.1.3535 from .

Snow Leopard compatibility testing   by admin   Aug 28, 2009

August 28, 2009

Apple released their new operation system, Mac OS X v10.6 (Snow Leopard) today. We have tested JetPhoto Studio 4.5.2 for Mac with the latest beta version of Snow Leopard. The almost all features work properly on Snow Leopard, but also found some compatibility issues, for example: When using WebSync, an error occurred while calling put_album_datalist on JetPhoto Server (Error Code: 30).

The compatibility problems will be fixed in the next coming version 4.6. Before that, we need your helps also, please report your testing results if you find any problem while using JetPhoto Studio v4.5 on your Snow Leopard.

JetPhoto Mac application crashing while geotagging   by admin   Jul 3, 2009

In the recent weeks, we often get some feedback to report a problem of the JetPhoto Studio Mac application crashing while geotagging (locating photos with GPS tracks automatically). Now we have found this problem is caused due to a WebKit runtime error. The WebKit handles the google map view embedded in JetPhoto Studio.

Is your Safari version 4? Now we suggest you can still use a stable version 3 instead, or you need download a new JetPhoto Studio version 4.5.1 to fix this Safari 4 compatibility issue.

WebKit is the foundation of Safari, you updated your Safari, the WebKit will also be updated. The present version of JetPhoto Studio should work properly with Safari 3, but did find the application crashing with Safari 4.

If you now use Safari 4 on your Mac, please download a JetPhoto Studio version 4.5.1 .

A problem when works with Google Earth 5.0 beta   by admin   Feb 17, 2009

We have noticed that the KML generated from JetPhoto Studio or other application doesn’t not properly reference any images or other attachments in placemark balloons viewed in Google Earth v5.0. This is because those attached images are referenced with local file paths, and Google Earth version 5.0 strengthened the restrictions to access local resources.

If you use Google Earth v5.0 beta and saw your photos can’t be shown properly in the image balloons, you may try to figure out the problem with changing a setting in your Google Earth.

Open the Preferences in your Google Earth, select General tab, and enable option “Allow placemark balloons to access local files and personal data”.

If your JetPhoto Studio and Google Earth works on Mac, you should also download a JetPhoto Studio v4.2.


More Issues about JetPhoto Server Pro 2   by admin   Jul 6, 2008

1. If you are a JetPhoto Studio Windows user, now you need to download a JetPhoto Studio v3.13 for testing JetPhoto Server Pro 2.

2. JetPhoto Server Pro 2 is NOT 100% compatible with JetPhoto Server 1.3. We name this software as PRO, just means there is apparent architecture difference between version 2.0 and version 1.3 . We always suggest you should install JetPhoto Server Pro 2 in a new path on your server for testing first, please never update from your JetPhoto Server 1.3 directly.

3. JetPhoto Server Pro 2 is a BETA software so far, the installation and configuration instructions is not very detailed. But you can find a clear explanation in README file saved in JetPhoto Server Pro 2 package.

The problem on IE7: Failed to show GMap Gallery locally.   by admin   Apr 23, 2008

Received a couple of feedbacks reports that GMap Gallery shows incorrectly in IE7. This problem is happened only when open GMap Gallery pages locally. You saw a blank window that always shows a loading progress bar, and prompts an error message “Access is denied” if click the warning icon at the bottom-left corner in browser window. But, when you put the files to web server, never see this error.

GMap Gallery generated by JetPhoto Studio saves geotagging data and gps tracks in two separated XML files gmap.kml and tracks.gpx. The file index.html uses javascript function GDownloadURL() to load these two xml files while opening GMap Gallery page. However, IE7 doesn’t permit pages to access local xml files with default settings. ( go here for a detailed technical discussion.)

So, if you’d like to preview your GMap Gallery pages with IE7 on your local desktop computer, you may have to change a setting in your IE7 options.

Go into the Tools menu
Then Internet Options
Click on the Advanced tab
Find “Enable native XMLHTTP support”
(towards the bottom of the list)
Unselect this option.


A known issue - Flash preview on Mac   by admin   Jun 6, 2007

Do you see a white screen while previewing the generated ‘Standalone Flash’ movie?

The QuickTime v7.1 disabled to playback SWF Flash movie, and the SWF preview program of JetPhoto Studio is based on QuickTime, so you saw this incorrect Flash playback.

However the generated SWF file is ok, it can still be opened properly with Adobe Flash Player, Safari, FireFox etc.

Now, to fix this problem on your Mac, you just need go to your System Preferences, and click QuickTime item, select Advanced tab, and then check Enable Flash option.

A known issue about number format in Europe   by admin   May 30, 2007

If you are using a JetPhoto Studio on a Windows with French, German or other European languages. For running JetPhoto software properly, you should check your Regional and Language control panel of your Windows XP.

The ‘Decimal Symbol’ must be set as ‘dot’. However the default setting is usually ‘comma’ for French, German and many other language regions.

Please launch applet ‘Regional and Language Options’ in your Windows control panel, select ‘Regional Options’ tab, click button ‘Customize…’ to change ‘Decimal Symbol’ setting, replace ‘comma’ with ‘dot’.

We apologize for the inconvenience has caused due to the problem of our software design. However we’ll fixed the problem completely in the new version soon, removing the software dependence on the Windows settings.

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