How to use JetPhoto to geotag iPhoto photo files?   by admin   Apr 11, 2009

iPhoto ‘09 has a new feature to place photos on maps, so now your can also use JetPhoto Studio to geotag your iPhoto photos with GPS. Here is a procedure to geotag photos with JetPhoto Studio for iPhoto :


1. Original JPEG files in iPhoto —> 2. GeoTagged JPEG files in JetPhoto —> 3. GeoTagged JPEG files in iPhoto


You should take steps as below:

A. import photos from iPhoto to JetPhoto Studio. You could click ‘Import from iPhoto’ icon in ‘Action’ tab panel …

(then jetphoto studio will make copies of all the imported files in a jetphoto album.)

B. located photos in JetPhoto Studio. The located photo has a “G” icon in its thumbnail.

(then the GPS info is saved in an xml file in your jetphoto album.)

C. write GPS info into JPEG files with clicking menu item “Merge GPS Metadata into JPEG…”.

(then the GPS info is saved in jpeg files in your jetphoto album.)

D. select the thumbnails of your located photos in JetPhoto Studio, and drag-and-drop them into iPhoto window. The photo files with GPS info will be imported into your iPhoto library.

(when export to iphoto, all these copies with GPS exif tags will be copied again to your iphoto library.)

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