Printable user's manual   by admin   Nov 20, 2010

A new PDF version of JetPhoto Studio v4.9.5 User's manual is available for downloading now. Thanks so much for the support and helps by Daniel Ford who edited and contributed the printable document. ( download )

Website and Blog Changes   by admin   Sep 24, 2010

Dear JetPhoto users,

We have changed our website ( hosting since Sep 22, 2010. All of the website was moved to a new server. And also updated our developer's blog pages. Now new blog uses JetPhoto Server Pro to replace the old wordpress pages. Due to the changes on the website, your existing rss subscription to our old blog may be broken. And please add a new feed to our new blog pages in your rss reader.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the website changes. And we should spend more efforts upon supporting all JetPhoto users with this new site.

Best wishes to you all,


Expo 2010, Hello World from Shanghai!   by admin   Apr 30, 2010

What an amazing expo! Visited the Expo park three times before the official opening. Just made a geotagged gallery with JetPhoto to present pavilion pictures in Google Map where you can see the Expo site details.

Expo 2010 opened today! Let’s take a virtual tour to the EXPO .

Finding KMi   by admin   Jun 1, 2009

I am looking for kmi electro, our old friend who gave us lots of helps to make JetPhoto Studio French localizations. However I lost any connection to him since July last year when kmi translated JetPhoto Studio for Windows version 3.13 and told me he’d like to move to another place in France. I can’t get his responses through email or msn, and no information about him I can hear in the past months.

Please leave a message if you know any information about kmi, or just let him know I am finding him.

Merci beaucoup!

Robin Zhang

Never Forget!   by admin   Jan 11, 2009

Today, we released our JetPhoto Studio version 4, that is a new version of ‘09 . Standing at the beginning of a new year, just think a bit more. From version 1 to version 4, geotagging (photo locating) is always a key feature in the software. There is a story about our idea and ideal.

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative ( brings a specific software named TimeMap, that is mainly designed for academic concerns, but also gave me the original ideas about geo-tagging. Actually, we began to think of the prototype of a software that can organize photos with GPS and easy digital mapping just after joining an ECAI conference in 2003.

That was in 2003, we named our prototype as NeverForget. And a first design of NeverForget was made on my iBook with Mac OS 10.2 (see below).The original idea was making a ‘professional’ digital assets management software that manages photo metadata with a MySQL database and renders maps for photo locating with a GIS engine.


But disappointed us that we didn’t find any satisfying GIS engine works on Mac. Of course, then we had never known Google’s incredible adventures with Google Maps and Google Earth.

After that, we decided to switch to JetPhoto, a lightweight solution soon. And new software still inherited some key design from NeverForget, such as a Map view, a Calendar view and a Thumbnail view. The earliest development of JetPhoto began in 2004.

Maybe we had already believed the big change we need when the project was just beginning. Step by step, that was happened in the rest years. We did see Google Maps gives us an amazing digital earth, and new SiRF hi-sensitive GPS chips enable easy locating in more places on our planet. At the same time, geo-tag, a new word was invented by a Flickr community (at least my first time to hear that is there).

Now, as a software designer and a user, I enjoy JetPhoto, that integrates Google Maps, Google Earth, WMS (Web Mapping Service), NASA Earth image, Wikipedia reverse geocoding all in one photo geo-tagging software.


To me, that is a quite lovely way to play my traveling photos and share my never-forget journey experiences with friends.

JetPhoto Server 2 Beta-2   by admin   Jul 6, 2008

Today, finally completed a Beta-2 version for JetPhoto Server Pro 2. Fixed some bugs in Beta-1, and added new German, French, Dutch and Chinese localizations. Appreciates the helps from kmi electro, mcc, Reinier Taudin Chabot and Stefan Bellon who contribute their translations.

Now you can download Beta-2 from our website.

Also, a new final JetPhoto Studio Window version with full support for JetPhoto Server Pro 2 will open soon.

Hello Leopard!   by admin   Nov 23, 2007

Upgraded my Mac OS X to Leopard on my iMac today!! JetPhoto Studio 2.11 is a new updated version that has the improved compatibility with Leopard. Now we can download this version at .

If you also found any compatibility problems that need to be solved, please leave messages here. Again, we are all very impressed with Leopard! JetPhoto is pleased to promise more enhancements for the future development.

JetPhoto Document Updated   by admin   Oct 25, 2007

Finally, updated the online manual of JetPhoto Studio for both Mac and Windows versions. Look at

Blog Moving   by admin   Jul 12, 2007

JetPhoto official blog website is moved to today. The old website still exists, but we won’t update it in the future, and very sorry we can’t move all existing comments to new site.

Ready to open plugin SDK   by admin   May 13, 2007

JetPhoto is ready to open the SDK for 3rd-party plugin development. Now JetPhoto Studio is a free digital photo organizing platform that provides routines to store, manage, process and retouch photos. The plugins work on this platform, contains:

- Importer plugin that enables importing digital photos from a given device.
- Publisher plugin that enables uploading photos or albums to a given website.

JetPhoto Studio SDK is offered for third-party camera/GPS hardware vendors and third-party Internet service providers, such as web album hosting. For either commercial or non-commercial purpose, JetPhoto Studio SDK is always FREE. The SDK package contains:

- Publisher plugin interface specification
- Importer plugin interface specification
- Sample source of Flickr publisher plugin
- Sample source of TWAIN importer plugin
- JPFreeImage image processing engine

So if you’d like to obtain this SDK, just need to send an email to robin (at) atomixtech (dot) com for your request.

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