The problem on IE7: Failed to show GMap Gallery locally.

Received a couple of feedbacks reports that GMap Gallery shows incorrectly in IE7. This problem is happened only when open GMap Gallery pages locally. You saw a blank window that always shows a loading progress bar, and prompts an error message “Access is denied” if click the warning icon at the bottom-left corner in browser window. But, when you put the files to web server, never see this error.

GMap Gallery generated by JetPhoto Studio saves geotagging data and gps tracks in two separated XML files gmap.kml and tracks.gpx. The file index.html uses javascript function GDownloadURL() to load these two xml files while opening GMap Gallery page. However, IE7 doesn’t permit pages to access local xml files with default settings. ( go here for a detailed technical discussion.)

So, if you’d like to preview your GMap Gallery pages with IE7 on your local desktop computer, you may have to change a setting in your IE7 options.

Go into the Tools menu
Then Internet Options
Click on the Advanced tab
Find “Enable native XMLHTTP support”
(towards the bottom of the list)
Unselect this option.



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