More Issues about JetPhoto Server Pro 2

1. If you are a JetPhoto Studio Windows user, now you need to download a JetPhoto Studio v3.13 for testing JetPhoto Server Pro 2.

2. JetPhoto Server Pro 2 is NOT 100% compatible with JetPhoto Server 1.3. We name this software as PRO, just means there is apparent architecture difference between version 2.0 and version 1.3 . We always suggest you should install JetPhoto Server Pro 2 in a new path on your server for testing first, please never update from your JetPhoto Server 1.3 directly.

3. JetPhoto Server Pro 2 is a BETA software so far, the installation and configuration instructions is not very detailed. But you can find a clear explanation in README file saved in JetPhoto Server Pro 2 package.


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