JetPhoto Mac application crashing while geotagging

In the recent weeks, we often get some feedback to report a problem of the JetPhoto Studio Mac application crashing while geotagging (locating photos with GPS tracks automatically). Now we have found this problem is caused due to a WebKit runtime error. The WebKit handles the google map view embedded in JetPhoto Studio.

Is your Safari version 4? Now we suggest you can still use a stable version 3 instead, or you need download a new JetPhoto Studio version 4.5.1 to fix this Safari 4 compatibility issue.

WebKit is the foundation of Safari, you updated your Safari, the WebKit will also be updated. The present version of JetPhoto Studio should work properly with Safari 3, but did find the application crashing with Safari 4.

If you now use Safari 4 on your Mac, please download a JetPhoto Studio version 4.5.1 .


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