Google Map Gallery shown in a resizable window

A new version Google Map Gallery will be involved into both JetPhoto Studio and JetPhoto Server Pro. The new program will speed up the page loading. And the most important update is that the new Google Map Gallery layout is auto resizable to fit the container web browser window.† But the old version Google Map Gallery can be shown in a fixed rectangle frame only, the size is always 950 x 620 pixels. See a demo with a sizable window .

In the JetPhoto Studio v4.6, a couple of additional options are added to customize your Google Map Gallery, example: hide Info tab in photo balloon or show an overview map at bottom-right corner.

The new Google Map Gallery have been tested for the compatibility with Safari v3/v4, Firefox v3 Mac/Windows, IE v6/v7/v8 and and Google Chrome.


The Latest Update (September 20, 2009)

Since introduced the new Google Map gallery, we still continue the development.† Solved some compatibility issues and improved the performance† in the latest update that has been released as a part of new JetPhoto Studio and JetPhoto Server versions:

- JetPhoto Studio for Mac OS X v4.6.2
- JetPhoto Studio fro Windows v4.6
- JetPhoto Server Pro v2.0.3 (see dome at

The latest version will have much better performance on most web browser platforms.


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