JetPhoto Studio 4.7

What’s new in version 4.7?


Camera RAW files storage

The JetPhoto Studio v4.7 allows store camera raw files in album packages. The raw files can be Nikon NEF, Canon CR2 and more others. Users can select to copy or move external raw files into JetPhoto albums, and JetPhoto will always automatically create a JPEG copy for each imported raw file.


When browsing photos in JetPhoto albums, right-click (or control-click) a thumbnail, you can find two items in the context menu to reveal either the JPEG file or the RAW file for each photo.


Now, it’s possible to geotag raw files in JetPhoto Studio v4.7. After locating photos with GPS, you can continue to use EXIF Tools to write the GPS metadata (latitude, longitude, altertude) into either the photo RAW file or the JPEG copy.


Also important, a memory leak bug was fixed in this version. This bug caused failed importing raw files in batches.


Google Map Gallery - Select photos in a list

JetPhoto Studio v4.7 added a new optional feature in the Google Map gallery. A dropdown list can be shown in the map, and users can select items on the list to switch photos fast. Now there are three ways to navigate photos within Google Map gallery: clicking hot spots in the map, clicking thumbnails in the bottom bar and clicking a menu item in the list.

To edit list items is very easy, you can type them in photo notes directly. Normally, the list item only include two or three words, but sometimes the photo description is too long to show completely in the list. Therefore, the Google Map gallery will find the first line break in the photo description and only show the first line of the photo note as a list item (both a “return” and a <br> html tag can be accepted as a line break).



Enhanced Address Lookup (Reverse Geocoding)

The reverse geocoding is not only a “concept proof” in JetPhoto Studio v4.7. Address Lookup program is enhanced in this version. It became an easy-to-use feature to create photo descriptions and keywords automatically according to the locations where photos were taken.

You can show your photos in maps after locating them. However there is one more fun, use Address Lookup program that will connect Google Maps server and invoke the reverse geocoding services to convert the latitude/longitude data to a human-readable address. In a magic way, JetPhoto Studio will add photo notes and keywords automatically for your photos.


For example, I took a photo in Stanford University campus. The photo has been located at latitude N37.42718° and longitude W122.17033° in JetPhoto Studio. Then, Address Lookup program will work to add a photo note and three keywords for the photo automatically:

- Photo Note: Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford
- Keywords: Stanford, CA94305, USA


The new Address Lookup feature are available in both Windows version and Mac version of JetPhoto Studio v4.7 .


Export / Import Keywords

In JetPhoto Studio v4.7 for Mac, users can export keywords list to a text file, or restore the keywords list with importing a text file. The functionality brings an easy way to manage keywords presets. Now you can first prepare your favorite keywords presets in any text editor, and import them into your album anytime later.


Geotagging Assistant

We developed a Geotagging Assistant program and added it as a new feature in JetPhoto Studio v4.7 for Mac. Now users can geotag their photos step by step.The program will guide users to finish all steps with ease.



Download JetPhoto Studio v4.7 for Mac OS X or JetPhoto Studio v4.7 for Windows.


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