Enhanced map view in JetPhoto Studio 4.8

In JetPhoto Studio version 4.8, you should find a new button dzm_button.jpg added in the map view. The new tool allows users to zoom the map by dragging the mouse, and also can select photos in a given rectangle area on the map.


[step 1] Click the dzm_button.jpg button, then you can drag on the map to draw a rectangle with red lines to mark the area where you would like to zoom.


[step 2] JetPhoto Studio will zoom the map as long as released the mouse button after dragging.


[step 3] At the same time, the photos in the selected rectangle will be highlighted. Then you can select “Thumbnail” view in the album window, where JetPhoto Studio has highlighted the matched photo thumbnails.

In this way, JetPhoto Studio provides a new efficient way to quickly pick photos that were geotagged in a given location on the map.


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