Enhanced geotagging in JetPhoto Studio 4.9


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Set the style of tracks and icons shown in Google Earth and Google Maps

JetPhoto Studio enables to link photos to Google Earth and Google Maps, also allows show GPS tracks on them.


In the dialog box to link photos on Google Earth, users can click button “Style…” to show a box to offer more options for setting the color, width and opacity of the track lines appear in Google Earth, also allow to set the photo marker as a camera icon or a small square icon ( same as Panoramio ).


In the dialog box to generate Google Map web galleries, users also can click button “Style…” to set the appearance style of track lines shown in Google Maps.


Set the parameters to import GPS tracks and locate photos

More parameters can be specified by users selves to import GPS tracks or locate photos with the tracks.
Two “Parameters…” menu commands can be found in GPS Logs window.




Unset photo locations in batches

This feature may be coming later, but it’s really available now :-)

If want to delete location tags (latitude, longitude, elevation and heading) in photo’s metadata, the user can edit the info list in the side panel of the album window, and clear the data fields one by one. Now a more efficient way is offered, just select photo thumbnails in the album window, and select menu command “GPS & Geotag” -> “Unset Photo Locations…”. GPS location metadata will be all removed from these selected photos in the batch mode.



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