Make simple map galleries with JetPhoto Studio 4.9.5

Here is a live demo of the embeded simple Google Map Gallery


Now your can download JetPhoto Studio version 4.9.5 beta (both Mac OS X version and Windows version) to make that.

In JetPhoto Studio version 4.9.5, addded a new option for making simple Google Map Galleries.

You should notice the new option "Show simple map without filmstrip (faster loading)" in the dialogbox when you are ready to generate the google map gallery. If you enabled this option, the filmstrip will not appear in the google map gallery page.


Left: a standard Google Map Gallery with the filmstrip. Right: a simple Google Map Gallery without a filmstrip.

Using the simple Google Map Gallery, no filmstip shown, it will be flexible to place the map gallery widget on any web pages in any different layouts. You must find the convenience if you are a web designer using this feature to create your pages embedded with map galleries.

Maked the map gallery that doesn't contain a filmstrip to navigate photos. But you can still easily switch photo spots on the map with a dropdown menu instead.

And another benefit obtained due to the simple map gallery is the web page loading will be speeded up. Beacuse no thumbnail image on the filmstrip is needed to load while initializing the map gallery, so the web page will be light and be loaded faster.


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