JetPhoto Studio 5, Ready... go!

Not Jet Photos Only, Now Rock with Videos and Panoramas as well!

DEMO galleries by JetPhoto Studio 5
100% New - Flash Gallery
Enhanced - Lightbox Gallery
Enhanced - Enhanced Google Map Gallery


BETA version download
JetPhoto Studio for Mac v5.0BETA
(Windows version coming later)
The registration number for JetPhoto Studio 4 Pro is still valid to activate JetPhoto Studio 5 Pro.


What's new in JetPhoto Studio version 5?

- New support for video clip files, quick browsing, trimming, merging video clips and easy converting h.264 videos for web players on iPad/iPhone or Flash-enabled web browsers.

- Complete support to iPhone's GPS-enabled camera, accepts GPS metadata while importing MOV video files captured by iPhone 4.

- New support for panorama files stitched or captured by SONY sweep camera.

- New support for stereo MPO files captured by FUJIFILM 3D or SONY sweep camera.

- New Flash gallery maker that was redesigned, allows generating the Flash gallery in any customized dimension or show hi-resolution images in a full-screen view. New Flash gallery enables presenting videos and panoramas as well as photos.

- Enhanced Lightbox, Cover Flow and Google Map web galleries enable presenting videos and panoramas as well as photos.

- An extra URL link can be set for any photo or video items managed in albums. After generating a Flash or Lightbox, Cover Flow, Google Map gallery, it will show a highlighted arrow button that click to open a specified web page related to the photo or video item.

- Enhanced slideshow mode enables browsing photos and videos in dual screens, the second display can be used as a 'light box' to present photos or play videos in a full-screen, but select items in the main display at the same time.

- Enhanced user interface, enables large thumbnails to preview photo items in 256 x 256 pixels

- The photo and video files can be moved into the album or transferred between different albums (hold Command key while dragging file icons or thumbnails).

-Updated mobile device list, includes more smart phone models

- Improved the program to import files from digital camera, a capture date filter is added.

- Improved the assistance with voice-over


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