Finding KMi   by admin   Jun 1, 2009

I am looking for kmi electro, our old friend who gave us lots of helps to make JetPhoto Studio French localizations. However I lost any connection to him since July last year when kmi translated JetPhoto Studio for Windows version 3.13 and told me he’d like to move to another place in France. I can’t get his responses through email or msn, and no information about him I can hear in the past months.

Please leave a message if you know any information about kmi, or just let him know I am finding him.

Merci beaucoup!

Robin Zhang

Camera Position and Camera Direction   by admin   Jun 1, 2009

JetPhoto Studio supports geotagging since its first release. How are the things progressed for the new version 4.5? Geotagging enables locating photos on maps, now the new JetPhoto Studio will support marking camera directions as well as camera positions for your photos.


Now more new digital cameras have built-in GPS units or the interface connecting to external GPS accessories. Some GPS units, like Nikon GP-1 and Solmeta N1, enable both camera position and camera direction recoding. Beside the GPS chipset, a direction sensor (electronic compass) is also assembed in the GPS unit. The camera position (latitude/longitude/altitude) and the camera direction (lens heading) will be saved in image EXIF tags automatically while taking a shot. JetPhoto Studio can import the photo files including all these tags.


Of course, you can also set the camera directions (lens headings) for your photos manually with JetPhoto Studio if you don’t have a compass-enabled GPS unit. In “Point photo location on map” window, you can just click the central target to begin the camera direction adjusting for any photo saved in your albums.

After that, the direction markers will appear in Geotag panel, Map view and all Google Map Galleries and Google Earth KML/KMZ files generated by JetPhoto Studio! Hope that will be a new toy you enjoy :-)


Other New Features in JetPhoto Studio version 4.5

- Address Lookup (reverse geocoding)
Add photo notes automatically by photo locations. This program works with Google Map Reverse Geocoding service, translates photo locations on the map into human-readable address and write them in photo notes.

- Flash Slideshow Timing Control
When you make Flash movies (standalone mode)† with your photos, the new program enables options to allow users to set the duration and interval for each slide while playing Flash slideshows.

(JetPhoto Studio v4.5 for Mac has been released June 1st, and the Windows version will come later.)

Embedded Flash galleries   by admin   Apr 22, 2009

The Flash galleries are enhanced in JetPhoto Studio version4.3. Now you can put your Flash galleries in any container html pages. This way is just like adding a YouTube player in your web page.

New UI and new Icons   by admin   Apr 22, 2009

We have redesigned icons and user interface for JetPhoto Studio. There is a gallery to show some changes in JetPhoto Studio version 4.3.

a new JetPhoto Studio icon in dock

a new JetPhoto Studio icon shown on dock

new JetPhoto Studio thumbnail view with a dark background

a new album thumbnail view with a dark background (you can select dark or light background as need)

New JetPhoto Studio icon

a new JetPhoto Studio for Mac application† icon

new JetPhoto album and folder icons

left: a JetPhoto album icon
right: JetPhoto flash and web gallery folder icons (on Mac OS X 10.5)

How to use JetPhoto to geotag iPhoto photo files?   by admin   Apr 11, 2009

iPhoto ‘09 has a new feature to place photos on maps, so now your can also use JetPhoto Studio to geotag your iPhoto photos with GPS. Here is a procedure to geotag photos with JetPhoto Studio for iPhoto :


1. Original JPEG files in iPhoto —> 2. GeoTagged JPEG files in JetPhoto —> 3. GeoTagged JPEG files in iPhoto


You should take steps as below:

A. import photos from iPhoto to JetPhoto Studio. You could click ‘Import from iPhoto’ icon in ‘Action’ tab panel …

(then jetphoto studio will make copies of all the imported files in a jetphoto album.)

B. located photos in JetPhoto Studio. The located photo has a “G” icon in its thumbnail.

(then the GPS info is saved in an xml file in your jetphoto album.)

C. write GPS info into JPEG files with clicking menu item “Merge GPS Metadata into JPEG…”.

(then the GPS info is saved in jpeg files in your jetphoto album.)

D. select the thumbnails of your located photos in JetPhoto Studio, and drag-and-drop them into iPhoto window. The photo files with GPS info will be imported into your iPhoto library.

(when export to iphoto, all these copies with GPS exif tags will be copied again to your iphoto library.)

A problem when works with Google Earth 5.0 beta   by admin   Feb 17, 2009

We have noticed that the KML generated from JetPhoto Studio or other application doesn’t not properly reference any images or other attachments in placemark balloons viewed in Google Earth v5.0. This is because those attached images are referenced with local file paths, and Google Earth version 5.0 strengthened the restrictions to access local resources.

If you use Google Earth v5.0 beta and saw your photos can’t be shown properly in the image balloons, you may try to figure out the problem with changing a setting in your Google Earth.

Open the Preferences in your Google Earth, select General tab, and enable option “Allow placemark balloons to access local files and personal data”.

If your JetPhoto Studio and Google Earth works on Mac, you should also download a JetPhoto Studio v4.2.


JetPhoto Studio 4.2 Update   by admin   Feb 16, 2009

The latest new update has been added in JetPhoto Studio version 4.2.

- Makes 16:9 wide Flash galleries (demo).
- Makes standalone Flash movies in customized sizes.
- Makes deluxe Flash galleries in customized background colors*.
- Enables Terrian map for photo geotagging with Google Maps.
- Accepts HTML tags in photo descriptions while making Google Map galleries.
- Allows default map type setting for Google Map galleries.
- Allows show big preview images in Google Earth.
- Edits photo notes with appending or replacing text in batches.


Flash Gallery

With new Flash gallery maker in JetPhoto Studio v4.2, you can make standalone Flash movies in customized sizes. And make deluxe Flash galleries to present 16:9 wide screen images.For the Mac version, now the option to customize Flash gallery background color is also added as same as that in Windows version.



Above: a 16:9 Flash gallery sample



New Terrian map is enabled for photo geotagging with Google Maps.


Now you can select a default map type for the generated Google Map web gallery.


And a new option is added to accept HTML tags in photo descriptions displayed in Google Map web gallery, example, that will enable to add hyperlinks in photo descriptions using <a> tags.


Left: edit the photo description with HTMLRight: show an image balloon with a link in Google Map gallery (click ’see details’ to pop up a new window for an external web page) .In this way, you can link not only photos but also more other web contents onto your Google Map galleries.


Photo Notes Editing

Now you can easy to edit photo descriptions with appending or replacing text in batches.


Select photo thumbnails, and choose “Append Notes” or “Replace Notes” …


It’s easy to add same text to your photo descriptions in batches, such as adding copyright information.


It’s also easy to find and replace text in your photo descriptions in batches.

16:9 Flash Gallery   by admin   Jan 30, 2009

A new option to make 16:9 Flash Gallery will be added in the coming version. Take a look at the demo×9.flash/. This feature will be fine with the camera users take photos in 16:9 (HD wide) format.

Never Forget!   by admin   Jan 11, 2009

Today, we released our JetPhoto Studio version 4, that is a new version of ‘09 . Standing at the beginning of a new year, just think a bit more. From version 1 to version 4, geotagging (photo locating) is always a key feature in the software. There is a story about our idea and ideal.

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative ( brings a specific software named TimeMap, that is mainly designed for academic concerns, but also gave me the original ideas about geo-tagging. Actually, we began to think of the prototype of a software that can organize photos with GPS and easy digital mapping just after joining an ECAI conference in 2003.

That was in 2003, we named our prototype as NeverForget. And a first design of NeverForget was made on my iBook with Mac OS 10.2 (see below).The original idea was making a ‘professional’ digital assets management software that manages photo metadata with a MySQL database and renders maps for photo locating with a GIS engine.


But disappointed us that we didn’t find any satisfying GIS engine works on Mac. Of course, then we had never known Google’s incredible adventures with Google Maps and Google Earth.

After that, we decided to switch to JetPhoto, a lightweight solution soon. And new software still inherited some key design from NeverForget, such as a Map view, a Calendar view and a Thumbnail view. The earliest development of JetPhoto began in 2004.

Maybe we had already believed the big change we need when the project was just beginning. Step by step, that was happened in the rest years. We did see Google Maps gives us an amazing digital earth, and new SiRF hi-sensitive GPS chips enable easy locating in more places on our planet. At the same time, geo-tag, a new word was invented by a Flickr community (at least my first time to hear that is there).

Now, as a software designer and a user, I enjoy JetPhoto, that integrates Google Maps, Google Earth, WMS (Web Mapping Service), NASA Earth image, Wikipedia reverse geocoding all in one photo geo-tagging software.


To me, that is a quite lovely way to play my traveling photos and share my never-forget journey experiences with friends.

JetPhoto Server Pro Updated Features   by admin   Sep 5, 2008

Dual-mode Calendar

With the new calendar in JPServerPro home page, users can list albums and search photos by date. New calendar has two browsing modes: albums browsing mode and photos browsing mode.

two-mode calendar

Selected the left button (album button), all cells of the dates when you published albums are highlighted. And selected the right button (camera button), all cells of the dates when you took photos are highlighted. Click the highlighted cell, the date-matched albums or photos will show in this page.


Cover Flow

Now we are also developing a new Cover Flow view to list albums in JPServerPro home page. This feature will be added into JetPhoto Server Pro version 2.1.


Cover Flow live demo


Open Source and Commercial Licensing

Now everybody can download JetPhoto Server Pro 2.0 final version from our website freely. We also offer a Commercial License, you can purchase it if you want to build a commercial website with this software.

More information about JetPhoto Server Pro, please also see

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