Ready! JetPhoto Studio Mac 2.9   by admin   Aug 13, 2007

The most development of JetPhoto Studio Mac version 2.9 is done. The key new feature of this version is image editing, and also updated Flash gallery making and GPS track importing.


Image Editing Now you only need to click the button pointed in above figure. The Editing panel will appear in the extra drawer of album window, in which you could select Cropping, Adjusting, Enhancing and giveing Black & White or Sepia effect to your photos.


Flash Gallery Making Now you can customize the linker label in the generated Flash gallery with JetPhoto Studio Pro. The new added label will hold the space showing ‘Powered by JetPhoto’ in the free version. Click the label, a specified web page will appear in the web broser. And, the specified page can be the home or about page of your online gallery.


GPS Geotagging New version JetPhoto Studio supports importing Magellan SD track files.

A quick demo of image editing   by admin   Aug 13, 2007

With JetPhoto Studio Mac 2.9 and Windows 3.x , user can fix his or her photos easily and quickly. here I just made a quick demo to show the image editing features.


Auto Image Enhancing, adjust the brightness and contrast for the photo automatically. Even if the original photo was taken under incorrect exposure, here only one-click is needed to enhance picture quality shortly (also see above sample pictures). The effect is completely same as that taken by Auto Contrast in PhotoShop.

(before image adjusting)

(after image adjusting)

Here is a demo showing how to fix the White Balance for a photo. The original photo was taken under the sunset lights, the sky color looks too warm (yellow). With the color/brightness adjustment of the Yellow-Blue channel, the blue sky returned immediately.
User can also manually adjust photo brightness and contrast with this tool.


The cropping tool of JetPhoto Studio is quite easy to use, crops photos by specifying an aspect ratio to fit 6×4″ print, 7×5″ print, VGA screen, DVD wide screen or others.

JetPhoto Server 1.2 update   by admin   Aug 10, 2007
Actually, we haven’t updated JetPhoto Server†since early last year. So just made a new version 1.2 that improves some functionalities, and now you can install JetPhoto Server on any PHP5 server using default configuration easily.

What’s new in JetPhoto Server version 1.2 ?

- Optimized the supports for PHP5, register_long_arrays setting is not required.
- Updated Flash and other templates.
- Updated Google Maps integration.
- Fixed some bugs.

Also, important, now we did decide to†develop a new major version of JetPhoto Server as soon as possible.

Blog Moving   by admin   Jul 12, 2007

JetPhoto official blog website is moved to today. The old website still exists, but we won’t update it in the future, and very sorry we can’t move all existing comments to new site.

Google Map Gallery   by admin   Jun 27, 2007

Besides generating Google Earth KML/KMZ files, a new cool feature is developed. Now every JetPhoto Studio user is able to make an outstanding web gallery with Google Map easily and quickly.This feature will be a key item added in the coming version.

See a Google Map Gallery demo that is generated by JetPhoto Studio version 3.8 that will be released soon!

Just need to obtain a Google Maps API key, you could deploy the generated Google Map gallery on your website immediately.

A known issue - Flash preview on Mac   by admin   Jun 6, 2007

Do you see a white screen while previewing the generated ‘Standalone Flash’ movie?

The QuickTime v7.1 disabled to playback SWF Flash movie, and the SWF preview program of JetPhoto Studio is based on QuickTime, so you saw this incorrect Flash playback.

However the generated SWF file is ok, it can still be opened properly with Adobe Flash Player, Safari, FireFox etc.

Now, to fix this problem on your Mac, you just need go to your System Preferences, and click QuickTime item, select Advanced tab, and then check Enable Flash option.

A known issue about number format in Europe   by admin   May 30, 2007

If you are using a JetPhoto Studio on a Windows with French, German or other European languages. For running JetPhoto software properly, you should check your Regional and Language control panel of your Windows XP.

The ‘Decimal Symbol’ must be set as ‘dot’. However the default setting is usually ‘comma’ for French, German and many other language regions.

Please launch applet ‘Regional and Language Options’ in your Windows control panel, select ‘Regional Options’ tab, click button ‘Customize…’ to change ‘Decimal Symbol’ setting, replace ‘comma’ with ‘dot’.

We apologize for the inconvenience has caused due to the problem of our software design. However we’ll fixed the problem completely in the new version soon, removing the software dependence on the Windows settings.

Ready to open plugin SDK   by admin   May 13, 2007

JetPhoto is ready to open the SDK for 3rd-party plugin development. Now JetPhoto Studio is a free digital photo organizing platform that provides routines to store, manage, process and retouch photos. The plugins work on this platform, contains:

- Importer plugin that enables importing digital photos from a given device.
- Publisher plugin that enables uploading photos or albums to a given website.

JetPhoto Studio SDK is offered for third-party camera/GPS hardware vendors and third-party Internet service providers, such as web album hosting. For either commercial or non-commercial purpose, JetPhoto Studio SDK is always FREE. The SDK package contains:

- Publisher plugin interface specification
- Importer plugin interface specification
- Sample source of Flickr publisher plugin
- Sample source of TWAIN importer plugin
- JPFreeImage image processing engine

So if you’d like to obtain this SDK, just need to send an email to robin (at) atomixtech (dot) com for your request.

Lightbox JS   by admin   Apr 23, 2007

Here introduces an ongoing development, a new JScript-driven web gallery generator will be integrated in the next JetPhoto Studio version for both Mac and Windows.

Lightbox JS is a popular web gallery framework that is a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the web page. JetPhoto Studio provides a snap way to generate a web gallery with Lightbox. See a demo

Fixed A Website Manager Bug   by admin   Mar 21, 2007

Bug specific:
The software hangs when connecting to a server to manage it with Website Manager in JetPhoto Studio 3.5.1 or earlier versions.

Just fixed this bug, please download a new updated version

This problem was caused by a compatibility problem of a windows socket DLL that is provided by Microsoft, we added a patch in this new installation package.

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