Fixed A Time Zone Problem   by admin   Mar 18, 2007

A New Zealand user reported a bug, said, the time zone GMT+13:00 is not listed to be selected when matching photos with GPS tracks. GMT + 13 hours is the daylight saving time of New Zealand. Now just fixed this bug, added a daylight option for each time zone.

More Language Localizations, We Need Your Contribution!   by admin   Mar 15, 2007

Thanks for KMi, he helps JetPhoto to finish a French localization before.

As our planned task, besides English and Chinese, we’d like to have more language supports in JetPhoto Studio Mac/Windows and JetPhoto Server. In the latest JetPhoto Studio Windows version, our software designing reserves a space to hold French and German localization data to translate software interface into these languages.

The method is very easy, if you want to translate JetPhoto Studio Windows version to German, please do steps as below:

1. go to the folder where JetPhoto Studio is installed, example C:\Program Files\JetPhoto Studio\ . You will find a subfolder named Resources, and open it.

2. copy file Localizable.ini in subfolder English to subfolder German, and overwrite the old one in subfolder German.

3. open file Localizable.ini with any text editor, and translate each item one by one.

Note: there is one exception. when you translate item LanguageName, you should keep it as LanguageName = German, can’t be as LanguageName = Deutsch.

4. now test the translated interface, please open JetPhoto Studio, click menu item Edit->Options, open dialog box Options, set lanugage as Deutsch.

Now, finished!! if you also want to share your translation to other people, you could leave comments here or send email to us. We are pleased to put your translated file to our blog or package it into the standard download of JetPhoto Studio.

It’s not only German or French, and we’d like to support more!

Hello World!   by admin   Mar 9, 2007

JetPhoto Blog is opening today! say hello to all…

The first time when we announced JetPhoto is the spring of 2005, at Macworld Expo, San Francisco. Our original goal is just making a free software to organize and share digital photos…

Gary Flint is a musician, poem translator and my good friend. Three years ago, when he told me his requirement, Gary was designing his new website named introducing Chinese ancient poetry to western. An efficient photo software was needed to manage his China traveling photos and publish them onto this website. Gary always said poetry is a kind of entertainment, but I say software development is another kind of entertainment, and photography also! So our JetPhoto development began.

My name is Robin Zhang, a major software designer of JetPhoto. And, Ping Cao is our Flash and UI component designer, Mike Hu is the Mac and Windows application designer, Bing Xuan is the Windows foundation designer, Bob Wang is our JetPhoto Server designer… here is our JetPhoto team, and we all live in Shanghai, China.

With the BLOG opening today, please join us! if you have any question or suggestion for our software, let’s know!

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