More Issues about JetPhoto Server Pro 2   by admin   Jul 6, 2008

1. If you are a JetPhoto Studio Windows user, now you need to download a JetPhoto Studio v3.13 for testing JetPhoto Server Pro 2.

2. JetPhoto Server Pro 2 is NOT 100% compatible with JetPhoto Server 1.3. We name this software as PRO, just means there is apparent architecture difference between version 2.0 and version 1.3 . We always suggest you should install JetPhoto Server Pro 2 in a new path on your server for testing first, please never update from your JetPhoto Server 1.3 directly.

3. JetPhoto Server Pro 2 is a BETA software so far, the installation and configuration instructions is not very detailed. But you can find a clear explanation in README file saved in JetPhoto Server Pro 2 package.

JetPhoto Server 2 Beta-2   by admin   Jul 6, 2008

Today, finally completed a Beta-2 version for JetPhoto Server Pro 2. Fixed some bugs in Beta-1, and added new German, French, Dutch and Chinese localizations. Appreciates the helps from kmi electro, mcc, Reinier Taudin Chabot and Stefan Bellon who contribute their translations.

Now you can download Beta-2 from our website.

Also, a new final JetPhoto Studio Window version with full support for JetPhoto Server Pro 2 will open soon.

Wikipedia integration added in new JetPhoto Studio   by admin   Apr 15, 2008


Now JetPhoto Studio v3.0 for Mac is ready! Wikipedia integration is a new feature I recommend strongly. When you located your photos, JetPhoto will give you a map to show the photo location and also a text box enclosed with your photo. JetPhoto will find all Wikipedia articles that are near your photo by the location automatically, and lists them in this text box. You can also know the distance and direction from your photo place to the Wikipedia article place. With clicking a Wikipedia article item, JetPhoto will launch a web browser window to show the detail Wikipedia page.

JetPhoto Studio v3.0 is a major updated version on Mac. Many new features are added:

- New Start Panel to create or open albums
- Searching photos by location (details)
- A new time offset calculator for photo geotagging
- Wikipedia integration for located photos
- New WebSync interface for JetPhoto Server Pro v2.0 (details)
- Setting JPEG quality for edited or resized photos, see Preferences window.

Whatís new in 2008? (2)   by admin   Apr 14, 2008

The weather is getting warm in Shanghai. This recent winter is unforgettable. We met the heavy snow that is the largest snowfall people has never seen in this city over the past 100 years! Now the season brings peach blossoms and cherry blossoms returning again. Really we were busy in those cold days, but it’s a kind of happy things to type lines of programs with my MacBook in our warm office. And a new guy joined us, Zhuwei is our web programmer who writes Flash ActionScript and JavaScript programs for JetPhoto now.

JetPhoto Server Pro v2.0

We spent three months on JetPhoto Server (Demo) redesigning. The new version is named as JetPhoto Server Pro version 2.0 . We expect to open this version as soon as possible, a plan is that we can finish all left developing before May.Of course, many new features are added into JetPhoto Server Pro v2.0:
- Access control for multipe editors and visitors.
- Layered categories and keywords.
- New Lightbox and Flash album templates.
- New page layout, added side menu, calendar and more.
- KML feed and Goolge Map Gallery for whole site and specified albums.
- Comments for albums, pages and files.
- Pages publishing to post your text/html contents on web.
- Files publishing to post your video, document or any media files on web.
- Flash video player.- Panorama image viewer.
- Hi-resolution image viewer with an embedded magnifier.
- More options to customize website page layout.
- New web-based Website Manager. (See Screenshot)
- New WebSync interface that doesn’t need FTP.
- MySQL storage that enables fast searching and better performance.

For this new server, we also upgraded our WebSync program in JetPhoto Studio. The new WebSync never uses FTP connection to upload files. See the screenshot as below, new WebSync is very easy to use. And one JetPhoto Server can also allow several editors to publish their web albums with different accounts.


However, the important work that we haven’t finish is localization. Thanks so much for mcc who lives in Paris. A French translation is now available mostly, and we hope more language versions will be presented with the first final release, that should contain German, French, Chinese, Japanese and English at least.Also, , there is a early demo to show our ongoing development for JetPhoto Server Pro v2.0 . Please leave your comments if you’d like to let us know your great ideas!!

What’s new in 2008? (1)   by admin   Feb 17, 2008

It’s already the third year since we designed the first version of JetPhoto. Although we have never stopped to think how to enhance our software design for the future, GPS/GeoTagging and Web publishing will still be the key points of the new development in 2008.

Here let me introduce some new designing for the enhanced GPS/GeoTagging features in JetPhoto Studio, these features are available in JetPhoto Studio for Windows 3.12 and a coming Mac version.

GobalSat GPS Logger Supports
New GPS Log Manager supports GPS tracks downloading from GobalSat DG100/BT335. New program will also split tracks by time automatically.

Search Photos by Location
Allows to search photos by location in Global Search. Besides searching photos by keyword or capture time, now you can also search photos by location. Just need to click button ‘Locate on Map’ and change Radius in search condition options, you can find out the photos saved in all albums that are taken in a specified place quickly and properly.


Locate Multiple Photos on Map
Allows to locate multiple photos in batches on maps. If you’d like to locate couples of photos as a same position, now you can just multi-select these photo thumbnails, and point photo locations on map.

A New Time Offset Calculator
To locate photos automatically is by matching with time-synchronized GPS tracks. So the capture time of photos must be correct and accurate to locate them with GPS. JetPhoto Studio provides a method to calibrate photo capture time to match GPS time accurately. You could find a menu item in Calendar extra panel, click the Gear button to choose ‘Correct Capture Time’ in the pull-down menu. A time offset calculator will appear as soon as click ‘How to calculate…’ in Capture Time Corrector window. That will calculate the time difference between photo capture time (camera time) and standard time (GPS time).

For the details, please see the following screenshots.


Hello Leopard!   by admin   Nov 23, 2007

Upgraded my Mac OS X to Leopard on my iMac today!! JetPhoto Studio 2.11 is a new updated version that has the improved compatibility with Leopard. Now we can download this version at .

If you also found any compatibility problems that need to be solved, please leave messages here. Again, we are all very impressed with Leopard! JetPhoto is pleased to promise more enhancements for the future development.

Show tracks in Google Map Gallery   by admin   Sep 30, 2007

Now just did a new development for Google Map Gallery maker. Besides linking photos on map, new Google Map Gallery will enable track display also. As the software designer, I also like this functionality very much, hope it can be useful to record and share your unique traveling experiences with your photos and GPS tracks.


here is a live demo

This feature will be a key item added into JetPhoto Studio version 2.10 for Mac and verion 3.10 for Windows.

JetPhoto Server GEO Edition   by admin   Sep 3, 2007

JetPhoto Server GEO Edition is a special version into which added more Geotagging features. It enables browsing online photos with Google Map Gallery and exporting online albums to KML files that can be opened with Google Earth.


JetPhoto Server GEO Edition DEMO

JetPhoto Server GEO edition is NOT a freeware, now GEO edition is provided for JetPhoto Studio Pro users only. Download JetPhoto Server 1.3 GEO edition

Ready! JetPhoto Studio Mac 2.9   by admin   Aug 13, 2007

The most development of JetPhoto Studio Mac version 2.9 is done. The key new feature of this version is image editing, and also updated Flash gallery making and GPS track importing.


Image Editing Now you only need to click the button pointed in above figure. The Editing panel will appear in the extra drawer of album window, in which you could select Cropping, Adjusting, Enhancing and giveing Black & White or Sepia effect to your photos.


Flash Gallery Making Now you can customize the linker label in the generated Flash gallery with JetPhoto Studio Pro. The new added label will hold the space showing ‘Powered by JetPhoto’ in the free version. Click the label, a specified web page will appear in the web broser. And, the specified page can be the home or about page of your online gallery.


GPS Geotagging New version JetPhoto Studio supports importing Magellan SD track files.

A quick demo of image editing   by admin   Aug 13, 2007

With JetPhoto Studio Mac 2.9 and Windows 3.x , user can fix his or her photos easily and quickly. here I just made a quick demo to show the image editing features.


Auto Image Enhancing, adjust the brightness and contrast for the photo automatically. Even if the original photo was taken under incorrect exposure, here only one-click is needed to enhance picture quality shortly (also see above sample pictures). The effect is completely same as that taken by Auto Contrast in PhotoShop.

(before image adjusting)

(after image adjusting)

Here is a demo showing how to fix the White Balance for a photo. The original photo was taken under the sunset lights, the sky color looks too warm (yellow). With the color/brightness adjustment of the Yellow-Blue channel, the blue sky returned immediately.
User can also manually adjust photo brightness and contrast with this tool.


The cropping tool of JetPhoto Studio is quite easy to use, crops photos by specifying an aspect ratio to fit 6×4″ print, 7×5″ print, VGA screen, DVD wide screen or others.

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