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Upgrade your JetPhoto Studio to Pro version!

The standard version of JetPhoto Studio is for NON-COMMERCIAL use only. We also make available JetPhoto Studio PRO, which can be licensed by all persons and entities, allowing commercial use at a fee. Therefore, if you are a professional or commercial user, you need to upgrad your JetPhoto Studio copy to a Pro version with purchasing a JetPhoto Studio Pro software license. The registered user of JetPhoto Studio Pro will receive more supports and services directly from the software developer, and more enhanced functionality of the Pro version will contain:

• Support for RAW files captured by Nikon, Canon or other cameras.
• EXIF tools to write Notes, Keywords and GPS metadata into JPEG or RAW files.
• More customization options to generate Flash movies and galleries (color, size etc.).
• Unlimited uses to generate Lightbox and Coverflow web galleries.
• Unlimited uses to use web video encoder.
• Unlimited uses to geotag photos with GPS.
• Unlimited uses to generate Google Map web gallery and Google Earth KMZ,KML files.
• Removed advertising on the generated Flash movies or web galleries.

STEP ONE - Purchase A JetPhoto Studio Pro Software License


STEP TWO - Activate The Registration on Your Computer

    Launch JetPhoto Studio on your computer, select menu item 'Upgrade to Pro Version...' .
    Enter your Name and the Registration Number in the dialog box, and click button 'Register' to activate the registration on your computer. And then JetPhoto Studio will connect to JetPhoto registration center via Internet. So in the meantime, you should keep your computer to get online.

    The registration will take effect after restart your JetPhoto Studio, and then this software will be upgraded to JetPhoto Studio Pro.


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