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Organizing in Albums

Album is folder
JetPhoto Studio saves photos in albums. Actually, each album package is a folder contains digital photo files and the necessary metadata file. So you can move, copy, duplicate or backup album packages like other common folders with ease. Album folders can also be exchanged between Windows PCs and Macs. JetPhoto Studio provides versions for both operating systems.

Import photos and more
JetPhoto Studio can download photos directly from a connected camera or receive files by drag-and-drop. Besides JPEG photo files, JetPhoto Studio version 5 also enables to import and manage video, raw, panorama and stereo files captured by your digital camera as well:

Organize photos
JetPhoto Studio provides a series of functionalities to organize photos (or videos) by EXIF metadata, notes, keywords, time and geodata. You could set descriptions or keywords for your photos. When you need search photos, just type the keyword, the thumbnails of the matched photos will be "spotlighted".

View photos

When displays the photo in full-view, you can drag the mouse to apply a "magnifier" to observe the actual pixels of the photo details.

Edit photos

Needn't to have a Photoshop, JetPhoto Studio is also integrated with some built-in easy-to-use image editing tools, such as intelligent enhancing, rotating, cropping, color balance, brightness, contrast adjusting, B&W or sepia effects ...


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