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Calendar and Map

JetPhoto Studio enables users to manage photos (or videos) according to the time and location.

Photo Calendar
For most people the easiest and most efficient way to organize photos is based on the date and time the photos were taken. Actually, digital camera always save a timestamp for each photo when taking the shot. Therefore, you can keep your journal by taking photos and keep your multimedia diary in JetPhoto Studio.

JetPhoto Studio offers a calendar interface to review photos. There is nothing else for you to do!! JetPhoto obtains the photo capture time automatically and properly as long as photos are imported from a digital camera. The specified date or time you took those photos will be highlighted in Month View or Week View. In this way, the user can quickly pick out the wanted photos by timeline.

Photo Map
Every photo or video managed by JetPhoto can have a latitude-longitude coordinate value to specify the locations they were taken. JetPhoto Studio enables users to review and browse photos with an enclosed map on which to show photos locations. Drag the mouse on the map, you can select a rectangle to quickly pick out photos taken in the specified area.


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