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Geotagging with GPS

Which city, which street, which corner... Where did I take this photo?
JetPhoto Studio gives you an amazing new way to organize your photos with a digital map built into the program can show the locations where all photos were taken.

The procedure to locate photos is commonly known as 'Geotagging'. Presently, with JetPhoto Studio, we have three geotagging methods to locate your photos:

  • Manual Locating
    You can note the photo location directly on the map as the place where a photo was taken.

  • Automatic Locating with GPS
    You only need have a GPS logger with which can locate photos taken by any digital camera models. JetPhoto Studio will automatically find photo locations with matching time-synchronized GPS tracks recorded by the GPS device. (See the introductions below for the details.)

  • Using GPS Camera
    JetPhoto Studio can directly read the location information saved in any digital photos taken by GPS-enabled cameras, such as Ricoh 500SE, Nikon D200 with GP-1, iPhone 4 etc.

Geotagging with a common camera and a GPS logger
JetPhoto Studio is integrated with GPS technology and can locate and link digital photos on a geographical map in a very easy way. This is an exciting advancement for anyone who likes to travel - and take pictures! You only need a GPS logger turned on to record tracks during your travels. No need the wire connection between your camera and your GPS logger. No need to add any GPS waypoints manually. JetPhoto Studio uses a convenient program to match digital photo timestamps with the time-synchronized GPS track logs. The longitude and latitude location information will be found automatically for all photos.

Guessing that you take a lot of photos during your travels, and you have imported them into an album in your JetPhoto Studio, then you could do these steps:

Connect GPS unit to your computer and download track logs.

Launch the program to match photos with GPS tracks...

Wow! Now your photos are located, you can browse them on the map!


Present photos on Google Earth and Google Maps
Now launch 'Google Earth' which displays the locations of all these GPS-located photos or package both the photo files and GPS tracks into one KMZ file that can be shared easily and opened with Google Earth anytime later! Download a KMZ sample

JetPhoto Studio also gives you the ability to easily generate a web gallery and link all your GPS located photos on a Google Map!

Live demo 1 (photos with camera headings)
Live demo 2 (photos + tracks)
Live demo 3 - NEW! (geotagging photos, videos and panoramas)


Know more
In fact, what we mentioned above is only a small part offered in the software. JetPhoto Studio provides a set of geotagging tools giving users a complete solution to make and publish geotagged content. If you'd like to know more in detailed, please read the section "GPS and Geotagging" in the manual >


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