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Video As Well

Simple movie editing
JetPhoto Studio is a swiss-army-knife application for your digital photos. Not only that, JetPhoto Studio version 5 also provides many easy-to-use features for videos. Digital cameras capture video clips as well as still images. Each shot is for a scene recorded to a separate AVI, MP4 or MOV video file in the camera.

JetPhoto Studio is a simple movie editor as well as an organizer for your video clips. In JetPhoto Studio, an album can be regarded as a playlist for your video files. You can fast trim video clips and reorder them in the playlist as you need, then all clips will be connected into a final movie after making cuts.

Web video encoding and publishing
Now, it's time to produce and publish your final movie. With a simple click, JetPhoto Studio can merge clips into a single video track and encode it as a H.264 file that is ready for publishing to a web player works in both Flash-enabled web browsers and iPad/iPhone mobiles.

The encoded videos can be also played in Flash, Lightbox, CoverFlow and Google Map web galleries. Actually, users needn't know more details about the video encoding and page integrating, JetPhoto automatically finished all to add video content into the generated gallery.


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