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Wow! Stands out above all of the other gallery style software out there. Many cool, powerful features (like its GPS integration).
      --- User's Review

Pros: I've used ALOT of Photo Albums & Photo Players for my websites including: FotoPlayer, SimpleViewer, and Jalbum... and think JetPhoto is alot easier to complete my Albums in the least amount of time... Extremely user friendly, fast to download and setup, makes my web albums really fast... I'm diggin' it! :) CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE DEMOS, PRETTY OUTSTANDING STUFF!
Cons: No Real Cons... other than their Logo/Link at the bottom right of the Album Player... But Hey... it's FREE! so I'm cool with their Logo/Link being there... They Really did an outstanding job with the functionality of the program!
      --- User's Review

A+++ Software here!!
This is the 22nd Century software for the rest of us!! Woah, has SO Many Useful functions, of which include upping via bluetooth images to your phone, and has up-to-date phone lists! WOAH! This app is Sick!!! :)
      --- User's Review


CNET editors' review

Digital photography can be a lot of fun, but editing, organizing, and sharing your images can be a hassle if you don't have the right software. JetPhoto Studio is a sleek tool that lets users manage their photos in an attractive, intuitive environment, turning a sometimes-frustrating chore into a fun and easy activity.

JetPhoto Studio's interface is well-designed and easy to navigate, with its featured arranged in commonsense menus. Users can import photos from their computers or even directly from their cameras, a nice timesaving step. Once photos have been imported into JetPhoto Studio, there's plenty to be done with them. Users can add location data to photos using GPS tracks, tag photos with keywords, and even see the dates photos were taken with a cool calendar feature. The program offers some basic editing tools, including resizing, cropping, and rotation, as well as controls for brightness, color, and contrast. We were especially impressed with the program's photo-sharing features; users can easily create slideshows, a variety of different types of galleries, wallpapers, and more. The program's online user guide is well-written and provides detailed information about each feature. Although JetPhoto Studio can't handle heavy-duty photo editing the way a program like Photoshop can, we think it's a great choice for basic image editing and manipulation.

      --- CNET Editors' Review



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