Importing and exporting


Now you have known how to create an album that is the container to save photos and the metadata for organizing. You can import external photo files into album, or import photos from digital cameras, scanners and iPhoto library. Whatever the photo is from, all imported photo files must be copied into album folder. So far, JetPhoto Studio doesn't allow to move external photo files into album, or make alias in album for exernal photo files. Because the software designer believes only copy is the absolute safe way to transfer your digital assets.

With importing photo files, the metadata of the photos are also read form the EXIF and IPTC data in original JPEG files.


Importing photos from cameras

JetPhoto Studio enables user to import photos from digital cameras and flash card readers. JPEG is adopted as the standard to store photos by all digital cameras. JetPhoto Studio can import JPEG files directly from cameras. And always makes JPEG copies automatically while importing camera RAW files and TIFF, PSD, PNG image files.


Import photos from camera

- Create a new album, or open an existing album.
- Choose menu item 'File'->' Import Photos'->'From Camera', or click button 'Import from Camera'.
- Select a connected camera or flash card reader, and then click button 'Continue' to download photo files into current album.


Import camera RAW files

JetPhoto Studio allows storing camera raw files in album packages. The raw files can be Nikon NEF, Canon CR2 and more others. Users can select to copy or move external raw files into JetPhoto albums, and JetPhoto will always automatically create a JPEG copy for each imported raw file.

When browsing photos in JetPhoto albums, right-click (or control-click) a thumbnail, you can find two items in the context menu to reveal either the JPEG file or the RAW file for each photo.


Importing photos from iPhoto (Mac only)

JetPhoto Studio Mac version enables user to import photos with comments and keywords from iPhoto library.


Import photos from iPhoto

- Create a new album, or open an existing album.
- Choose menu item 'File'->' Import Photos'->'From iPhoto Library', or click button 'Import from iPhoto' in Actions panel. JetPhoto will connect iPhoto through internal AppleScript.
- All iPhoto albums will appear in list, in which select an album to import, and then click button 'Continue' to import photo files with comments and keywords into current album.


Working with Finder or Explorer

Finder is the shell program of Mac OS, and Explorer is the shell of Windows. You can use Finder or Explorer to manage files or other desktop resources on your Mac or PC.

On Mac, JetPhoto Studio allows user to import photo files from Finder, or export photo files to Finder by drag-and-drop, or copy-and-paste.

On Windows, JetPhoto Studio allows user to import photo files from Explorer, or export photo files to Explorer by drag-and-drop, or copy-and-paste.

Import photos
Select the photo files or the folder that contains photo files in Finder(or Explorer) window, drag and drop them into Thumbnail view of JetPhoto Studio album window.

Export photos
Choose Thumbnail view in album window, select the photo items that need be exported, drag and drop them into the destination Finder(or Explorer) Window.

Replace photos
Select a photo in Detail view, drag a new photo file from Finder(or Explorer) and drop it into this Detail view to replace the old photo.

Using copy and paste, the photos can be transferred between JetPhoto album and Finder(or Explorer), or be exchanged between two different JetPhoto albums. So you can also try to import or export photos by copy and paste.


Working with other applications

JetPhoto Studio enables user to open photo file with a given application by drag-and-drop.
For example, to open photo file by Photoshop, please select one or several photo items in Thumbnail view, drag and drop them onto Photoshop application icon (or task button*).

In order to open the selected photo in other application, you can also try to click mouse right button (or ctrl-click**) on the photo item in thumbnail view. Choose item ‘Opent with’ in context menu, and select an external application to open this photo.

* On Windows, user cannot drag an item onto a button on the taskbar. But, if user do this without releasing the mouse button, the application window will open and user can then drag the item into the application window.

** Ctrl-click is only available on Mac